Beer Tasting

By: Rob

Do you fancy enjoying an afternoon or evening unwinding with friends while chatting and tasting with experts about different beers from across the world? Then why not go on a beer tasting as your stag party activity.

When you’re on the beer tasting, you will get to try lots of different styles and flavours of beer. You’ll get to learn about the history and production of beer. Also you’ll find out which ingredients are added to give each beer its own unique taste and texture.

A Beer Tasting is a fantastic stag party activity that doesn’t require that much energy. It’s always a favourite with the lads. Who doesn’t like to learn about different beers, what foods go well with certain beers and how to pick out particular flavours from lagers, cider and ales.

So, raise your glasses to this fantastic stag party activity and kick off your evenings entertainment on the right foot.

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