Bubble Football

By: Kate Hyde

Heard of Bubble Football and wondering what it is? This is football with a twist, and it’s probably the most fun you’ll have playing football this year, unless you’re Messi and you’re banging in goals for fun in front of thousands in Camp Nou.

It’s basically zorbing while playing football. Imagine playing a normal game of 5-aside but with an inflatable ball around you. Perfect for those injury prone guys in your group. We all have one, that guy with glass for ankles, you know him.

This leads to some big tackles, bumps and lads falling all over the place. This is in an attempt to score some goals and settle some scores.

Why Bubble Football?

It’s so much fun, a laugh a minute and you’ll be talking about it late into the night.

Bubble Football is getting more and more popular all across the UK and is becoming one of the most popular stag party activities in the country. You can play it both indoors and outdoors, so regardless of our unpredictable weather you’ll be covered.

If Bubble Football is something you’d be interested in doing on your stag party, contact us today on info@thehairystag.co.uk for more information.