Cable Wakeboarding

By: Rob

Cable Wakeboarding

Have you ever wondered what this sport is all about? Cable wakeboarding is an increasingly popular sport that has recently been shortlisted for the Olympics in 2020.

Essentially the cables replace the boat and pulls the rider along the course on a small board. Using cables is fantastic way to learn the basics of wakeboarding. If and when you come off, the instructor can simply drive the handle back to you. This helps maximise the amount of time you have wakeboarding.

This is a fantastic stag party activity for all who love extreme sports and water. It’s also an adrenaline rush like no other. Just check out these guys!

It’s also a great activity for all levels. This is as the cable is controlled by an operator who can vary the speed and power.

Finally, if you’re interested in cable wakeboarding as an activity for your stag weekend, contact us on for more information.