By: Rob

If you’re looking for a stag party activity that everyone can get involve in then Kayaking is for you.

Kayaking has been a stag party favourite for years. The instructors know how to ensure a great and fun day out. Depending on the location you will kayak around a lake or coast and take in the beautiful UK landscape.

As you make you way back to the pier, the instructors will usually have a series of games and challenges. The instructor might get you to try and stand and balance yourself on the kayak. They may play a small bit of water polo and of course you’ll get to jump off the pier before you head off.

Kayking never disappoints as a stag activity, and jumping into the water may clear some weary heads before the night out.

If you’re interested in Kayaking as your stag party activity. Contact us today on info@thehairystag.co.uk.