Pub Crawl

By: Kate Hyde

Let’s be honest here lads, a Pub crawl will be one of the first things you will think of doing on a stag party or stag weekend.

Once you’ve reached your accommodation, start tracking down the first bar to settle in for refreshments. To prepare yourself ready for a long night ahead. Best to ask a friendly barman, if you’re not from the area. Which are the best pubs to head to? And then set off on your merry way to the next bar, and the bar after that and even more bars after.

As the pints will be in full flow at this stage. It won’t be long until your friends will be trying to see who can drink a pint the quickest. Then some bright spark will suggest shots and next thing you are on your knees crawling out of the pub. They call it a pub crawl for a reason. Then it’s off to a club to convince a bouncer that you’ve only had one or two.

A little tip lads, when it hits 10 bells either make sure your next pub of choice is a late bar. Or, that it has direct access from inside the bar to the club. always looking out for ye!