Stand Up Paddle Boarding

By: Rob

If you love water sports then why not try Stand Up Paddle Boarding as your stag party activity.

Stand Up paddle boarding or SUP is basically standing on a long surfboard and using a long paddle to catch and surf waves.

This activity isn’t as easy as it sounds. Trust me when I say that your balance will be tested trying to stand up on the board. The instructors will start off by getting you to just simply stand on a board in calm water and get used to paddling.

Expect to see some comical falls and wipeouts at the start. You won’t be able to keep in the laughter. And not that I’m condoning it but you can always tug on the leash attached to their ankle. This is to make sure any cocky fella takes a slip and ends up in the water.

Depending on the location the instructors will bring you out on the water. Here your skills will be further tested. At the end of the day, this a fun stag party activity that everyone will be sure to enjoy and will be full of laughs.

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