A Shower Beer

By: Rob

A Shower Beer

The stag do weekend is not just about going on some extreme stag do activities, pulling stag do pranks or even the location you decide on. It’s often just having the opportunity to spend some quality time with mates and enjoy a few of the simpler pleasures in life. One of these simple pleasures is a Shower Beer.

If you haven’t enjoyed a shower beer yet then mate your life is lacking significantly in my opinion. As with any good stag do weekend there will be drink involved at most points during the day. A cure to wake up before the stag do activity, a few after to discuss how bad one of your mates was at the stag do activity and few pre drinks before heading out on the town.

So while you’re getting ready and enjoying a few pre drinks a shower shouldn’t stand in your way of having another beer. Simply bring a nice ice cold can or bottle of beer into the warm shower with you. It really is a relaxing experience. The contrast of the 2 heats and of course you’re keeping drinking pace with your mates.

Women have baths and a glass of wine, men have the shower beer. Not just restricted to stag do’s, if you’re having a rough day, enjoy a shower beer. Trust me you’ll feel good after it!