Blow Your Horn

By: Rob

Time to blow your horn, an air horn of course you dirty minded feckers.

Two things are sure to happen on a stag party. One is drinking and two are stag party pranks. After a skin full of booze, the groom is going to pass out at the end of the night and sleep like a log.

Next day, as much as you’d like to stay in bed and not feel the effects of last night, you’ll have to get up, and wake the stag eventually. So, if you’re going to all that hassle you may as well enjoy waking him.

Why not use this classic stag party idea of using an airhorn to help him up. He will get such a big shock. There is a real chance he’ll hit the roof with a fright. What a way to start his morning and his stag party hangover. If is head wasn’t killing him enough.

Let’s never forget lads. That until the Stag is home in the arms of his fiancé he’s fair game to pull pranks on. It’s not just the stag night he should be worried about.

So, blow your horn and let’s just hope he doesn’t react like this guy!