Cuban Cigars

By: Rob

Cuban Cigars

Looking to add a touch of class to your stag do proceedings. Then why not pick up a couple of Cuban Cigars. Relax and unwind with a tasty cigar and a glass of your favourite whiskey. And, simply take a moment to really enjoy hanging out with your best mates on the stag do weekend.

Grabbing a couple of Cuban Cigars and some whiskies is like the male version of afternoon tea for women. It makes you look more like a gentleman. A bit more regal and of course like a high roller when you’re in the club later on that night.

Some guys like to enjoy cuban cigars early in the day. There will be plenty of time for wild stag do antics later in the day and long into the night and early morning. But, when you’re trying to find your second wind after a tough first night on the stag do weekend. These cuban cigars and a relaxing drink will be a blessing and set you up nicely for another big night out on the town.

Lastly, cigars are like the male version of saying “I thought about you” and “I wanted to do something nice for your stag” without actually saying it. Don’t worry though, the groom will you know!