Fake Bungee Jump

By: Rob

This is a stag prank that if you pull off will be a story you will not only tell on the wedding day but for years to come. Do you have what it takes to pull off the fake bungee jump prank?

This will take some planning, getting the rest of the stag party involved and you’ll probably have to call in a few favours.

Start by grabbing the groom, blindfold him and strap him into a harness. You then force him to clamber his way to the edge of cliff. Well that’s what you tell him, but lead him to the edge of a lake or pool. The more you can play it up the better.

You then lean him over the edge with the help of the harness and as nervous as possible. Explain that he’s going to have to jump out a small bit and of course put his hands out for the bungee jump video.

Do the countdown and watch the groom belly flop into the water and enjoy the laugh you’ll have afterwards. Just have a look at these guys if you need any more inspiration!

So, are you going to try the fake bungee jump prank?