Fox Hunt Stag Do Theme

By: Rob

Fox Hunt Stag Do Theme

If you’re struggling to think of a stag do theme that would really suit your group of lunatic mates. Then look no further as the Fox Hunt Stag Do Theme is for you! All the messing of stag do costumes, stag do themes and stag do pranks all wrapped up in the one glorious stag.

A fox hunt with the men in red jackets on horse is quintessentially British. Because of this wherever you decide as your stag do location you’re bound to get loads of laughs for this theme. Obviously you’ll need to sort enough costumes for all the lads. Nothing to hard about that.

The groom, best man, and groomsmen are the ones that dress up as foxes. Or if you fancy being a bit cruel, let the groom run solo as the only fox. The rest of the stag party group then dress up as the hunters in full red jacket, hat and white trousers.

Once you’ve all had plenty of time in the pub to have a few pints. You know, to suitably hydrate yourself, the hunt starts. We all love a bit of competition and challenge so give the foxes 20-30 seconds head start. Then sound the horn before the rest of the group go chasing after the foxes through a crowded city centre.

Make sure to have a video camera rolling on your phone. You’ll want to catch the reactions of the public as you race through the streets sounding the horn and of course when you eventually catch the foxes!

The Fox Hunt Stag Do Theme is just simply a brilliant decision and one all the lads will love. Not alone will the costumes and running through the streets turn heads, just have a look at how much fun this looks!