Gorilla Stag Do Prank

By: Rob

Gorilla Stag Do Prank

If you’re a seasoned stag party goer at this stage and are looking to take the stag do pranks to another level on your next stag do. The Gorilla Stag Do Prank is for you. This is not a prank that is easily pulled off, put like all works of art this stag do prank is a labour of love.

So, to begin with sort yourself a full gorilla suit. That will be the easiest part of this stag do prank. You’ll also need a bit of duct tape too. Now it’s time to start getting the stag a little tipsy. So he’s a bit more open to the idea of dressing up on his stag do night.

Blindfold him first and tell him he can’t see what ye are dressing him up in until he’s full dressed. So, strip him down and put him in the Gorilla suit. As you’re about to put the head of the suit on get the rest of the stag party group to hold him. Tape his mouth shut with the duct tape and pierce a few holes so he can breath. Remove the blindfold and secure the head the Gorilla suit.

It’s at this point you realise how quickly he got into character. Explain to him you’ll let him out after he completes a few tasks on some unsuspecting people in public.

This stag do prank is a laugh a minute. Do make sure to catch it on your mobile to be replayed on the big day during the speech to all the wedding guests.