By: Rob


Stags are always a brilliant laugh, a great way to send off your best mate and to have a night out with the lads.

But there is also an element of shaming the groom bubbling under the surface…

Made infamous in the Borat movies. The mankini has become a staple accessory for stags all over the UK. Even in the coldest of British weather, white skinned, hairy grooms to be can be seen in pubs all over the country wearing these shameful, but hilarious one-piece swimsuits. A site of beauty really.

Mankini’s are not the easiest piece of clothing to get on a Stag, so best to wait until he has had a few drinks. Another alternative is to work it into a dare, if he’s like most guys his competitive nature will take over and won’t turn down a dare.

A bit of advice, be aware at some point in the night you will see more of the stag than you’d like. And should he pass out after one to many beers. Carrying a half naked man home over your shoulder always gets a strange look.

Now, all you have to do is figure out where he’s going to keep his wallet?