Shave His Eyebrows

By: Rob

Shave His Eyebrows

Depending how mental your stag party group is or isn’t will be hugely important when it comes to this stag do prank. If you’re planning on making the stag’s life a living hell for the duration of the stag do weekend, so he has a taste of what marriage is like. Then this is the stag do prank for you.

All you have to do is simply Shave His Eyebrows! Take a razor, and gently shave them off completely. Or if you fancy torturing his poor soul you can leave one and make him shave the other off himself. There is also the option that you just leave two little nubs, well just because he’ll look hilarious.

Trust me you will fight with your conscious, that little angel on one shoulder thinking of what his fiancé will say and on the other the little devil saying “do it, it will be hilarious and the lads will love it”.

A few tips if you decide to go with shaving his eyebrows. Make sure he’s well passed out. So get him proper liquored up. If you have it a little shaving foam because you’re a perfectionist and want it to look like a good job at least and of course make sure he’s not some sort of lunatic that is going to go on a mad ‘kicking the shit out of all you’ rampage.

Another thing to consider is. If you shave his eyebrows is, does he have enough time to grow them back before the wedding. Because even though this stag do prank is hilarious, this is not a good look!

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