Smurf Stag Party

By: Kate Hyde

So you want to make the stag extra special for your mate. You really want him to remember his stag party and it to be the one nobody forgets. So what do you do, you do a Smurf Stag Party.

The Smurf theme for a stag party has been around since the middle ages when gentry would dress as Smurfs on their lads night away. Ok, maybe no quite. But the Smurf theme has always been popular for a stag and with good reason. It makes the group stick out. Your mates feel like twats. And women love it. No honestly, they do.

So, to achieve this stag party theme all you need is some blue face paint. Available in any good kids shop or online. You need a box of white beanies and a box of blue T Shirts. And ask everyone to wear their best white shorts. And that’s it.

Finally, all you need now is a nice pack of Smurfettes….

Trust us lads, Smurf Stag Party is the way forward!