Lamp post Prank

By: Kate Hyde

Stag parties and pranks go hand in hand. So, if you’re thinking of pulling a prank on the groom, why not try the Lamp post Prank.

It’s always the seemingly simple ideas that are the most effective. You’ll have to do a bit of convincing to get the stag himself to try it. But when he finally agrees you’re in a for a treat.

This is a really simple but effective prank that will see the stag stranded on which ever lamp post you decide to use. Our advice is make sure it’s in a VERY public place. This video below will show you how to get the stag in a tangle with the lamp post.

The Lamp post Prank

Make sure to leave him there for a while too lads. So, he can contemplate life and his friendships. This prank is guaranteed to get a lot of laughs from the public too. This is a stag party idea that will always have your mates in knots laughing for hours afterwards. Do make sure to catch it on video lads so you can play it again on his wedding day. Just so the bride can see what kind of man she married.

So, will you be pulling the Lamp post prank?