10 Stag Party Costume Ideas

By: Kate Hyde

10 Stag Party Costume Ideas

After you’ve booked and organised everyone for the stag party weekend the next step is deciding what costumes you might wear. So here are 10 stag party costume ideas.

1. Smurfs.

Firstly, it’s the smurfs. White peaked hats, colour you skin blue, a blue t-shirt and white trousers and white shoes. The stag will obviously be Smurfette and if the stags Dad comes along he’ll be Papa Smurf.

2. World Famous Wrestlers.

We’ve all at some point in our lives been into wrestling and have a favourite character. So why not dress up as him. I’m thinking of Macho Man Randy Savage but who would you be?

3. Golfers.

So, if you enjoy a round of 18 holes most weekends, than why not dress the whole stag party up as golfers. The cringier the better, and you can never wear to much pringle. Also it’s a great excuse to play Pub Golf.

4. Superheros.

Again one that will be inspired by the cartoons and comics you watched and read as a kid. Do make sure to find out who’s going as what. You can’t all be Batman.

5. The Village People.

Another Stag party favourite. Maybe a little bit gay but who cares you’re all men comfortable with your sexuality. And you’re on a stag party so it means so woman actually said yes when you asked her to marry you.

6. Old ladies.

Well you will have one soon enough so might as well get some practice in how they think by dressing up as an old lady for the night. There’s just something funny of guys dressed up as women.

7. Army Soldiers.

So you remember those green army figures you get in a bag. Well get all the guys to dress up as one of them and when the sergeant blows his whistle re-create the positions. Would you be the rocket launcher guy?
Toy Soldiers

8. Scousers.

A classic, curly black wigs, thick bushy moustaches and that high pitched…. all reet, all reet… chalm down, chalm down…See if you can keep in character all night.

9. Toga’s.

This a very easy one to do. Rob, I mean borrow the sheets from your accommodation and wear them as a toga. You will no doubt end up singing Toga! Toga! Toga! with the entire bar later that night.

10. Decades.

Finally, pick a decade and dress accordingly. For example the 70’s with flares and try your best impression of Travolta in Saturday night fever.

So what costume will you be going with lads?