4 Things You Learn After The Stag Do

By: Rob

4 Things You Learn After The Stag Do

The stag do is a long standing tradition and in my opinion no man should be getting married without one. They are a night or weekend away of epic proportions that will have you all talking how crazy that night was for years to come. The stag do does offer more, it educates us. You find a lot out about yourself after the stag do and with that here are the 4 Things You Learn After The Stag Do!

1. You’d Survive As High Functioning Alcohlic

Let’s call a spade, a spade here lads and be honest that on a stag do from the moment you all meet up until the moment you’re dragged back to your other half you’ll be drinking. You’ll have a beer with everything. One with breakfast, lunch, dinner, in the shower and basically anytime that you feel your mouth has dried out even the slightest.

What you come to realise over the stag do weekend is that you’re able to go about your business in a state of drunkeness. You’ve been able to get yourself around without the aid of one of the boys, wash yourself, cook, eat and take part in stag do activities all under the influence. You start thinking, you could function like this. Then Monday rears it’s ugly head and brings with it that hangover.

2. You Find Out That You’re Ambidextrous 

This is a skill you never knew you possessed until you went on a stag do. It’s starts with a simple drinking and this skill is then moulded by fear of having to do the forfeit shot if you’re caught drinking with your other hand. You’ve spent the entire night drinking with your other hand and by morning it has become second nature.

3. Loss Of Strange Senses

This will happen to most men on a stag do. The lose their sense of smell to begin with. This never more evident when after a shower people still tell you that you smell of drink and you can’t smell a thing.

The next thing you lose is your need for is sleep. You’ll get in a 5 or 6 in the morning and might have a few more beers before passing out for 2 or 3 hours before waking up again to continue the stag do celebrations. You’ve learned you don’t need sleep to party.

The last thing to go is you remembering Monday is only a few hours away. When you’re on a stag do, you don’t want it to stop. So you end up going hard on the sauce all day Sunday. Skip to next scene and it’s you waking up to your alarm on Monday morning and you’re in a bad way.

4. The Food You Consume Is Not For Enjoyment

Nutrition and diets go out the window on most stag party weekends. You’ll be more concerned on how the food benefits your drinking on the stag. That means will it be good soakage? Does it line the stomach? And is it my hangover cure? Because the last thing you want to do lads is head out on a stag night on an empty stomach.

So there you have it the 4 Things You Learn After The Stag Do. You’re always learning…even on a stag do!