4 Ways To Wake Up The Stag

By: Kate Hyde

4 Ways To Wake Up The Stag

The chances are if you’re on a stag weekend you have got the groom so drunk that he passed out in a drunken haze after his chipper and was bundled into the taxi and dragged up into bed to sleep off the effects. On any normal weekend he would enjoy a lie in, but this is a stag weekend and no such luxury will be given. He can sleep when he gets home to his fiancé and call it cuddles.

There is always an early riser in the group, and it’s his job to wake up everyone else and set about waking the stag in the funniest way possible. So here are 4 ways to wake up the stag.

1. Water.

The old tried and tested way of waking someone up. Seeing as humans are made up predominantly of water, you’d think we wouldn’t have such an aversion to it. You can re create your own Ice bucket challenge and record yourself pouring litres of ice cold water over and unsuspecting stag as he sleeps. You won’t believe how quickly he’ll move, jump and the look of shock on his face. It’s priceless. A side note if you don’t want to dry up a lot of water, a water balloon is a perfect or a water gun will do the trick too.

2. The Face Mash.

This one can be as cruel as you want it to be. Get something really hot, my suggestions hot sauce, english mustard, cinnamon or even wasabi. Rub it all over his face and mouth and before giving him a moderate slap across the head, just in case he doesn’t wake up, and watch him realise what’s happened. Wasabi, alcohol and a hangover don’t mix!

3. The Airhorn.

Another Tried and tested way to wake anyone from a deep slumber. Have one of the guys ready to flip the mattress too and he won’t know what hit him.

4. Mouse Traps.

A fantastic way to wake up the stag after his night on the town. Mouse traps are relatively inexpensive. You can set them all around his room before he wakes up. Leave one on top of his phone so when it goes off he gets his fingers pinched. You could even apply them to sensitive areas of the body. Or you could simply lay them on the floor so when he steps out of the bed he stands right on them

Incorporate the airhorn and watch the stag leap out of bed into awaiting mousetraps for double the fun.

There you have it, 4 ways to wake up the stag. He’ll be wide awake and ready to take on the world, and enjoy any stag party activities you might have organised and another night on the town.