7 Ways To Avoid The DogHouse After The Stag Weekend

By: Kate Hyde

7 Ways To Avoid The DogHouse After The Stag Weekend

Here at thehairystag.co.uk we know sometimes after a big stag weekend on the beer, you could find yourself in the doghouse for a variety of reasons. So here are 7 ways to avoid the doghouse after the stag weekend.

7. Talk.

Let’s be honest lads, we are absolutely shit at talking, but this is one of these time where you’ll have to make the effort. If she is giving you the cold shoulder and you don’t talk, you may aswell get onto Sky about installing a dish and the latest package as you’re going to be in the doghouse for a long time.

If you don’t know what’s wrong, guess. You’ll probably guess wrong and get another spray of verbals but you’ll be talking on the road to getting out of the doghouse and at least be able to stay in the living room.

6. Make Her Laugh.

If this is a very serious argument and she’s gone to defcon 1, probably best not to crack a joke. So take a minute and think. But sometimes cracking a joke at the right time, or making yourself the joke might help crack that icy shoulder you’ve been getting begin it’s melting process.

5. Buy Her Flowers.

Tried and tested for generations by remorseful men is buying flowers. There’s probably some cave drawings of it.
Timing is everything when giving flowers. If you haven’t talked to her yet and you send flowers, you are literally admitting guilt in her eyes and pouring petrol on the fire. It looks like you’re trying to buy your way into her good books.

After you talked, surprise her a few days later with flowers for maximum effectiveness. They definitely get you some brownie points. You could also send them to her work place and she can enjoy making her coworkers jealous.

4. Cook For Her.

If she’s proper bulling, steam piping out her ears, she could also be hangry on top of being mad at you. Cook her favourite dish and you’ll be sure to win some brownie points and you’ll be packing up and leaving the doghouse soon.

3. Listen.

Sometimes women will just want to vent. They want you to know exactly what it was about your behaviour that upset them. Chances are what upset them initially is that you weren’t listening in the first place. So for christ sake lads, make sure you shut up and listen so you can at least feel the warmth of the house.

2. Give Her Some Space.

Even though you could be dying a death after a heavy weekend on the beer and all you want to do is lay on the couch, and get comfortable after talking get up and give her some space. Your face alone could still be pissing her off and you don’t want to ruin the good work you’ve already done.

1. Apologize.

It will probably feel like you have turrets you’ll say it so much. But a sincere ‘I’m sorry’ will go along way to getting out of the dog house. Specify exactly what it is you’re sorry about, too; that way, she’ll be sure you understand why she’s upset.