9 Types Of Blokes On A Stag Do

By: Rob

9 Types Of Blokes On A Stag Do

We’ve been organising stag dos for a quiet a while now and one thing we’ve come to realise is that the same types of blokes pop up on the stag do. So take two minutes and think are any of your mates these 9 Types Of Blokes On A Stag Do?

1. The Wife And Two Kids Bloke

This is probably the old lad in your group of friends. He paved the way for the journey you’re about to embark on into married life. He was the first to have the stag party, wedding and now has 2 kids that takes up every waking minute of his life. This means he probably doesn’t get out much. Then all of a sudden he’s free to go absolutely mental on the stag do weekend. He’s basically trying to cram all the nights out he has missed and going to miss into one stag do weekend. Be prepared as he’s going to be in a state of drunkeness for the entire time and there will be plenty of stories involving his antics…(which can never be repeated to his children).

2. Tommy Two Drinks

This is your lightweight of the group. He may not be the lightest on the scales but seems to get drunk on the smell of beer alone. He’ll have 2 maybe even 3 drinks on a good night before no one understands a word he’s saying. He won’t make last call and if he is bizarrely standing when you all decide to do shots he’ll be making a dash to the jacks to throw up. Bless him though, he tries and always gives his best.

3. It’s All About Strippers Bloke

This bloke is all about heading to a strip club. He’ll be hell bent on the notion and won’t rest until he gets the stag a lap dance. If you happen to come across a strip club on a pub crawl go for it, but no one wants to be heading to a strip club 40 miles away. Also I’m sure at this stage in his life he has seen plenty of naked women and if he’s badly stuck he probably has a smartphone!

4. Shots Bloke

You’ll actually think that the only word in this bloke’s vocabulary is ‘Shots’! Kind of like Hodor from Game of Thrones. Anyway on the stag do weekend every second drink will be shots. Your pints will be accompanied by shots and even when you wake up your breakfast will be shots. There is no avoiding it, this bloke will be the reason you have the worst hangover in recorded history and you’ll saying to yourself when you are hungover, that if you were a horse they’d put you down!

5. The Charming Bloke

There is always one in the group. He’s the good looking guy that women seem to flock too regardless of what condition he’s in. He can say what he wants and they don’t take any notice either. You want to hate him, but he is a charming and funny bastard that’s well up for the laugh and has the stamina to last the entire night drinking. Also he’s one of these strange guys who’s hair always looks perfect.

6. Angry Little Man Bloke

You know who he is and if you mention it to him he’ll go for you like an angry terrier. But ya love him and he’s easily wound up which makes for great stag party pranks. Having a short fuse works to you advantage when pulling the pranks and after a few drinks his reactions will be even more comical.
The Wealdstone Raider

7. The Harry Houdini Bloke

This is guy that ups and vanishes like a fart in the wind. You’ll all be enjoying a few beers and then you’ll turn to your right and he’ll be gone. Next time you see him will be 4 hours later swinger off a pole in the nightclub. You won’t ask where he’s been…

8. The Professional Drinker

Every stag do has one fella that if drinking beer became a professional sport he’d be the highest paid player. He just doesn’t seem to stop over the entire stag do weekend and you sit in awe of where he puts in all and that he seems in no way effected by the alcohol. If you find yourself in rounds with this bloke, god have mercy on your…liver.

9. The Sensible Bloke

This sensibility may have been brought on after one epic night out or a stag do weekend that nearly saw him hospitalised. What ever the case may be he no longer gets himself into that condition, drinks a normal amount and doesn’t lose any of his belongings or find himself in dodgy pictures. He’s still a great laugh, and you’d be lost without him because who else is going to get your drunk ass home at the end of the night. Make sure and give him a kiss.

So of the 9 Types Of Blokes On A Stag Do which one do you think you are?