Get The Most Out Of A Beer Tasting On Your Stag Do

By: Rob

Get The Most Out Of A Beer Tasting On Your Stag Do

A beer tasting is always a great call on any stag do. So hat tip to the bloke that essentially decided to have a piss up in a brewery. You might not be there long enough to drink that much but I’m sure there will be plenty of alcohol still floating about in your system from the night before to make this the best stag party activity you’ve been on and the perfect cure to carry on your antics from the night before.

If you’re fond of a good craft beer, ale, or stout then you’ll be in your element. But if you are a bit of a connoisseur of beers and want to get the most out of a beer tasting on your stag do here’s a few tips to unleashing everything the beer has to offer.

1. Have A Gander

Lads, take a minute and have a proper look at the gorgeous pint in front of you. A pint is a thing of beauty. However there is a reason for this. Hold the beer up to the light, but not direct light, and you’ll be able to clearly see it’s true colour, the type of consistency, the head on the pint and if it’s a clear or cloudy craft beer.

2. Give It A Swivel

Once you get a glass of beer to sample, try and hesitate not downing it in one. Give the beer a light swivel in the glass. This opens up or pulls out all the aromas, allow you to pick up more subtle flavours and notes, and it also causes carbonation which is how you find out how well the head last on the beer.

3. Get Your Honker In There

Believe or not but that schnoz of yours plays a huge part in tasting anything and even more so in a beer tasting on your stag do. Taking in a few big inhales through that beak of yours will actually prepare your palate for the beer and the flavours is supposed to pick up. And without sounding like a ponce it’s what the beer aficionados refer to as the bouquet of aromas.

4. Get Some In Your Cake Hole

Well it’s about time you’re probably saying to yourself. Time to actually get some beer inside you. Start by taking a small sip and move it around your mouth and really try to pick up on all the flavours. It’s harder than you might think and some lads are better than others at this. Also taking this sip also help with every other drink you have afterwards.

Something to note also lads is a good craft beer is very often not extremely cold. When a beer is ice cold a lot of the flavours are masked by the temperature. So if you were hoping for an Ice cold beer you may have to wait for the pub later on. These beers will be served just right.

A Beer Tasting on a stag party is always a hit with the lads. What could be better than trying to newest beers on the market and ones that you probably can’t get in a pub yet. This stag do activity also does one other great thing and that’s works up a serious thirst for a big stag do night out later and I’ll cheers that! So lads, follow these tips and Get The Most Out Of A Beer Tasting On Your Stag Do!

If you’re interested in a Beer Tasting for your stag do weekend email us on for more information.