How To Hide Your Hangover With TheHairyStag

By: Rob

How To Hide Your Hangover With TheHairyStag

If you don’t think there might be a chance that you’ll be a shambolic excuse for a man the Monday after the stag do weekend. Then you need your head checked mate. If this is your first stag party weekend be prepared for one hell of a weekend. It will involve obscene amounts of alcohol in a variety of forms that will test you both physically and mentally.

When it is time to go back to the real world and more importantly work you might find it an actual struggle with an almighty hangover. Your boss also may not take kindly to seeing you in a hungover state. So here’s How To Hide Your Hangover With TheHairyStag!

Scrub Yourself Good In The Shower

Even though you probably had a token shower in an attempt to wash away some of the smell from the stag do. This is one of these times where you break out the scrub brush and really get in there. Even when you think people can’t smell a thing they can. You’ll be in the office sweating out the drink for the day and let me tell you. The weekends’ beer and your sweat isn’t a nice combo.

You Can’t Have Enough Lynx

After you’ve scrubbed yourself good and well. It’s time to unload a full can of lynx on yourself to hide the any smell that might be lingering from the stag do. Better for someone to comment on how much lynx Africa you’re wearing than to mention that you smell like death warmed up. Employ a friend if needed.

Hide The Eyes

Often referred to as the gateway to someone’s soul, make sure to hide your eyes when you’re hungover in work. People may be able to see what sort of stag party pranks were pulled on you and the mental scarring that might be evident from the drinking drinking game forfeits. If you’re able to wear sunglasses in you’re job do not remove them for the day. Otherwise it’s eyedrops time. These will keep your eyes hydrated, fresh and will hide any signs from your boss that you’re about to fall asleep at your desk.

Fresh Breath Is Paramount

Invest in some strong mints or chewing gum on your way to work. Never be with out them for the day. This will mask that foul breath of yours as your body tries to get rid of all the toxins, shots, Jagerbombs, beer, pizzas and burritos you ate over the weekend.

Fuel Your Day Of Hiding A Hangover

Mate, have a good breakfast Monday morning. It may feel like the last thing you want to do. But it will stand to you in the long run through the day. It will work as soakage, because no doubt there’s a bit of alcohol still flowing around through your veins. Not having the distraction of a hungry stomach will help you concentrate on more important things like, looking like you’re actually working.


You can’t have enough water when you’re hungover. You’re dehydrated when hungover and the water will counteract that. Also it will flush it out of your system with a few more bathroom breaks. Also these bathroom breaks can be used as mini breaks to wallow in your own pity of the state you’re in after the stag. It’s also an opportune time to text your mates asking for help, that you might not make it through the day!

Look The Part

If you want to hide you’re hungover, dress like you’re not hungover. This will limit any unwanted attention. If you come in still wearing the stag do tshirt, wearing a pair of fake tits and a sombrero you deserve to be rumbled. So make the effort. Put on some clean clothes and blend into the background of for the day. And avoid any contact with the boss.

So there you have it, How To Hide Your Hangover With TheHairyStag. Follow these simple tips lads. And in no time you’ll be back on the comfort of your couch eating your favourite hangover cure.