Pub Crawl Games

By: Kate Hyde

Pub Crawl Games

So you’ve decided as a key part of your stag party you will be having a pub crawl. A thought then pops into your head, how can I make a pub crawl even better. Boom, it hits you, I need to organise some pub crawl games.

Now most of you might have played some before, pennies, can only drink using your left hand and things like that, but maybe you haven’t tried theses.

1. Grenade.

Firstly nominate a Sergeant, which is usually the bestman, to run proceedings. It’s a very simple game. If the sergeant yells out Grenade, you all hit the floor. The last one to do it will have to down there pint.

2. Fuzzy Duck.

This can be tricky after a few drinks, but again it’s a very simple game. It’s better these games are simple because you’ve probably been drinking all day. Someone will say Fuzzy Duck, the next Duck Fuzzy, then back to Fuzzy Duck and alternating around the group until someone makes a mistake and must down a pint.

3. 3 Legged Walk.

You’ll need Duck-Tape for this. Buddy up with someone and duck tape one of your legs to theirs and spend the night like that. So this will get exceedingly more difficult as the night goes on. Also you’ll have to get your toilet breaks in sync. You don’t want to be getting up all the time to go with him to the toilet.

3 Legged Walk BulldogStags

3 Legged Walk

4. Pub Cricket.

You’ll need a large group for this one. Split the group into 2 teams. Every drink is worth a run. Every time someone from the team goes to the loo, you lose a wicket. You’ll lose 3 wickets should someone throw up. Keep score as the night goes on an see who’s one the pub crawl ashes series the next day.

Pub Cricket

Pub Cricket

5. Pub Golf.

Right, this will be a 9 hole course (18 if you think you’re a pro). Obviously each hole represents a pub. Each pub has different drink. Your score on the hole is determined by how many sips it takes you to finish the drink. So, tot up the scores at the end and see who’s the Rory McIlroy of pub golf in your group.

So these games will take your pub crawl to a new level, it might be the floor alright after the amount you’ll have consumed, but it will make for a great stag weekend story and even better memories with friends.

And finally, if all else fails just drink and have a good time.