Public Pranks To Play On The Stag

By: Rob

I’ve been on plenty of stag parties and weekends away with the lads that I know you should always have your guard up. A prank could happen to you anytime. This leads to a unhealthy level of paranoia that will see you sitting bolt up in your sleep thinking someone is about to play a prank on you.

Another thing when guys group together in celebration of any kind. Is that there will be some sort of public shaming. This comes in many forms, like verballing slagging a mate. Slagging your mate could be for a number of reasons, which you have a lot of, and that you’re happy to unload at any opportunity.

Some stag parties will have the groom walk around with a sign with something embarrassing written about him on it.

On various amount of stag parties you will see plenty of public shaming such as dressing the stag up in a dress, a bikini or the mankini. The idea is to leave nothing to the imagination of the unsuspecting public. As they are the ones who will be graced with the beautiful site of a fully grown mans hairy arse walking down the street.

And who could forget the fantastic stag prank of duck taping the stag to a lamppost!

We’ve all seen the lamppost prank, or when a guy has been waxed. So how about taking public shaming and hair removal to another level. Publicly shave the groom.

The bride to be will probably thank you for this one. As she’s probably sick of sleeping next to a yeti every night. This will take a bit of encouragement. But if you get everyone involved organise a sure fire bet that he loses and has to take part.

All you’ll need is a wireless electric clippers, a very public place, and let the shaving begin. This is a great idea to get passers by involved and a great opportunity to take some great photos. Also our advice is to start by shaving just one side. That way if/when the battery runs out. The groom is left with half a head of hair, half a hairy chest and one shaved leg.

The only positive is that he’ll be ready to play ‘two face’ if ye decide to dress up for the stag. So, is there any public pranks to play on the stag you’d do?

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