The Hits You’ll Make Playing Bubble Football

By: Rob

The Hits You’ll Make Playing Bubble Football

Mate, if you haven’t played Bubble Football what have you being doing with your time? This is one of the best laughs and banter generator you will ever experience. Take a minute and think how great it would be see your tiny mate run full force into your exceptionally larger mate also running at full tilt. Seeing my mate being sent into orbit would be enough of a reason for me to try Bubble Football.

So if you’ve now already decided that Bubble Football is what you’ll be doing then these are the hits you’ll make playing Bubble Football!

The Aerial Hit

So this is a fan favourite. It’s pleasing to the spectators eye on the stag party. The player will make an charging run before leaping skyward head first at the opposing player. As aesthetically pleasing as this head first dive is, unless you time it perfectly you could end up the worst of the two. Like this guy!

Standing Your Ground Hit

The staple Bubble football hit on any stag party. If you’re the centre back type of footballer and like to stamp their physicality on a game. Then this is your hit. As someone comes charging, plant the feet and drop the shoulder slightly and stand your ground. He’ll bounce off you trust me. This guy did!

The Old School Shoulder To Shoulder

The classic shoulder to shoulder is my favourite. This is the side on challenge where you simply bump a guy out of your way on the run towards the ball. Run hard, drop the shoulder and drive up aiming towards his head. You’ll knock him off his feet and send him rolling around on the ground looking for his pride.

Bubble Football is a fantastic stag do activity that is less about who scores the most goals but puts in the biggest hits. You’ll end up at the end just running straight into each other to see who comes of the worst. Make sure to have someone absolutely smashing the groom. That way you can play it on the big day and slag him even more about how bad he was on the stag do!

Finally, If you’re interested in Bubble Football as your stag do activity, drop us a line on now!