The Mystery Bag Game

By: Rob

It’s finally arrived, the stag party weekend has finally arrived. So with all good stag parties, it’s time for some good old fashion stag party pranks to embarrass and shame the groom. Trust me you can’t go wrong with the mystery bag game.

Fill a bag, a black bin bag even, we a variety of items. All these items of course will be donated by the lads on the stag.

The possibilities of what you can put in the bag are endless. My advice is to find a nice public spot during the day for the stag to open his mystery bag.

You could have tasks he has to do written on notes in the bag. Things he has to wear or even take off. Stuff he has to sell or giveaway, like dirty underwear, a smelly fish or even a music instrument that he has to busk with to pay for his next pint.

An Air horn is what I’d put in to gather everyone’s attention before making the the stag read allowed a speech about himself, divulging some of his most embarrassing moments. This would also be a fantastic time to get out the phones and start recording.

So all you have to decide is what you’ll put in the bag when you play the mystery bag game.