Why You Should Have A Prague Stag Do

By: Rob

Why You Should Have A Prague Stag Do

I’ve been very lucky on my travels to have taken in some of Europe’s craziest and best nightclubs and pubs that it has to offer. I’m pretty sure I knocked a few years off my liver with the amount of beer and shots I down in Budapest, Bratislava and Amsterdam.

But, in saying that lads, Prague for me trumped them all for sheer non stop partying nightlife Prague has to offer. It also has an ace up it’s sleeve…Lads it’s dirt cheap! So when we added Prague to our stag party packages it was a no brainer and here is why you should have a Prague Stag Do!

Cheap Prices

Right let’s start with what matters the most price of drink. A pint will cost you about £1 – £1.20. So lads let’s look at it this way, £20 will get you about 18-20 pints. Let’s be honest that’s probably more than enough to make you forget what you go up to last night. Shots are a similar price too.

Obviously lads if you find yourself in an establishment like Darlings you might find the prices are a little higher. But in saying that by the time you make it there you’ll be well oiled and probably only end up buying one or two drinks and spend your money on other forms of entertainment.


One thing that happens when you land smack bang in the middle of a Europe city is you have no idea where the best nightclubs are. You’ll find a bar no problem but the fear is always that you’ll end up in some awful club just because it was right there.

No need to worry about that in Prague. Here are 3 clubs that are always rocking in Prague, so regardless what night you show up to the door at, you’re guaranteed a good night inside. Oh and did I mention they usually close and stop serving at 6am! Get in!

Karlovy Lanze: This 5 floor nightclub filled with great music, beer and stunning women is the biggest nightclub in Central Europe. Each floor has a different genre or style. So regardless if you are into hip-hop, 80’s or trance your musical needs will be satisfied here.

This building is from the 14th century and there still signs of that history inside with some of the tiles still there. If I remember correctly it’s about £7 to get in and women go free. All the single lads on the stag will love the sound of that. The beer is a little bit more expensive but that’s the norm with any club. But don’t worry it’s still a hell of a lot cheaper than back home lads.

Roxy: Another one of Prague top clubs it’s ideally located near the Old Town Square. It’s a great club for all those house, electro and techno dance music fans. The dancefloor is huge, the light shows are mental and it has a big screen of the dancefloor. Roxy often has some massive international DJ’s play there so if you’re in luck you might catch one of their sets.

Roxy also has a huge bar inside it. So you won’t be waiting long for a beer or for those shots of absinthe. The prices are similar to Karlovy Lanze but will vary if their is a big DJ playing. I was their on a Sunday night lads and the place was hopping!

Sasazu: A great house music nightclub. Those who love a rave will enjoy Sasazu too. It’s one of Prague newer clubs but it’s definitely one of the biggest and since it open has had the like of Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto play there. The club can hold over 2500 people so no fear of not getting in. There is a great mix of locals and people from all over the world. You never know who you’ll bump into.

Again depending on the night it’s £7-£10 to get in a drinks are reasonably priced. Again the drink is still way cheaper than you’d get back home. Just a tip lads, this place is rocking on a Saturday night!

Pubs & Bars

You’ll find plenty of bars along the main streets easily enough lads. These will sometimes have guys or girls outside trying to pull you in. The drink is cheaper than home but if you’re looking for a better quality bar here are a few to check out.

U Sudu: A great bar to be in before heading to a club. It’s a very unassuming bar when you first walk in but as you delve deeper you keep discovering new underground rooms. It would remind you of a cave. This is a great place to chill, drink and have a bit of banter with your mates and with pints about £1 to £1.50 it won’t take long for you to get in the mood for a big night out.

Double Trouble: Another one of Prague’s great cellar bars. It’s also a late bar so if you get in the humour to stay partying on the dancefloor you can. It’s located between Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. This is a short walk from all the clubs later in the night. Know one wants to be ages away from the club.

If you go on any organised pub crawl they’ll bring you here. There’s no charge in and the drink is dirt cheap. My god it’s so cheap I want to go back now!

Chapeau Rouge: Another great bar that plays music all day. Located again right in the Old Town Square this pub is so so so cheap! It’s spread out over 3 floors and the music gets a little weirder the more you go downstairs but there is always a great vibe in the bar. This is the place for all day drinking if that’s your thing guys and again it’s only a short walk or stumble to the club.

So there you have it lads, just some of the reasons Why You Should Have A Prague Stag Do! This city leave you a shell of a man after the stag weekend but it is so worth it. Trust me it’s so worth it!

If you’re interested in a Prague Stag Do, contact us today on info@thehairystag.co.uk for more information.